White Men Can Jump!

         White   Men Can Jump is a feature length documentary about the life and journey of Eddie Kidd, ‘The Black Knight’ …. a forgotten British hero. 




A legend to many, sex symbol to thousands of women, a global daredevil, an        inspiration to millions of fans, a loving father, with a heart of gold & double to Hollywood stars including Pierce Brosnan as James Bond 007.


But then, on August 11th 1996 at the Hells Angel’s Bulldog Bash, Eddie Kidd faced his biggest challenge in his career when he tragically crashed leaving him unconscious and close to death's door.  Doctors pulled him back from death on two occasions but Eddie fell into a coma, his family were told possibly for as long as 10 years.  In truth the Doctors didn’t know when or whether he would come round.


3 months had passed and with his devoted family by his side … ……Eddie miraculously came round. 


The documentary follows his everyday challenges, his perseverance through rehab helping him to recover from the brain damage which left him unable to walk & unable to talk.


White Men Can Jump covers the highs and lows, the stunts, the films, the women, his friends, his ambition to walk again and his return to the world of movies on the very film that he was to star in before he had his tragic accident.


Eddie Kidd is a living legend, a man with determination and ambition to get back on his feet and once again entertain the world. 


With the ultimate goal of walking Candie, his daughter down the aisle.