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Uncle Max's Diner - 'Don't Look Back!'

Psychological Thriller


Uncle Max's Diner is a trusty old highway stopover for truckers, bikers and locals.

Close to the sleepy town Bucks Horn Creek, the Diner has the best apple pie south of the bayou, the prettiest waitresses and a hub gossip. It’s owned by - yes you guessed it, Uncle Max....'Don't Look Back!' is the feature episode.


According to the local legend…they say, whoever passes these parts may stumble on a nightmare that they will never awake from.…and if you hear the creatures of the forest moan and whine at the awakening of the beast!

….‘When a new moon is born, two more lives will be torn’…

Only fear will keep you alive.

Shakespeare's Lost Years



Synopsis to come

Mad Frankie Fraser



Synopsis to come


Completed projects either produced by New Forest Pictures or key people involved in the making of the projects.

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