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Trailers & Clips from previous and current projects.


Uncle Max's Diner

Trailer to the new hit TV series


White Men Can Jump!

Trailer to the Eddie Kidd Documentary Feature Film

The Princess Of No Man's Land

Movie promo to the World War 1 story of a young baby found by a British Royal Engineer in the midst of the great war.​


Shakespeare's Lost Years

Documentary about  the years Shakepeare went missing & have baffled the academics until now

White Men Can Jump!

Documentary Preview of the forthcoming film about the life of Eddie Kidd

Oasis Unauthorised

Documentary about the 90's hit band from the blue side of Manchester.



The charity that has saved the history to Farnborough Aerodrome, the home of aviation.

British Royal Legion

Memorial video celebrating the fallen who sacrificed their lives in the First World War.

The Biographer's Club

Winner of the Tony Lothian Awards.


Over The Wall

Documentary about  Eddie Kidd jumping The great Wall of China.

Heavy On A Harley

TV Series about Stephen Marcus, British actor and his travels across America - coming soon

London to Venice Challenge

An extraordinary race between the Orient Express and some of the fastest cars in the world.


Dubai Shopping Festival

Commercial bed to show Dubai City Life during the extroadinary festival of shopping.

World Record Bungee Jump

Dubai is our setting for this extraordinary stunt



Music Promos

The Paul Nathan Band

'Open Road'

Tina Barrett

'Fire' - Club Re-mix

As Lighting Director



DVD General

The Ultimate Gangster

Story about the infamous London gangster, Mad Frankie Fraser.

Hamlet At Elsinore

First ever promenade performance of Hamlet at Elsinore Castle in Denmark.


Headed by former President Clinton

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