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Our Services

Welcome to New Forest Pictures.

Established at he beginning of the millenium.  New Forest Pictures not only produces Film and Television productions, we offer a variety of services for the entertainment Industry.

About Us

New millennium, new media, new ideas, new talent; these are the words that sum up the drive behind New Forest Pictures.

Nick Kennedy, Writer & Director, set up New Forest Pictures at the dawn of the new century to launch the feature arm of his activities to begin his movie career. 

New Forest Pictures is a British company located in Surrey, England close to London, the major studios and airports.  Our initial aim is to make British films with British talent for the International market.  We believe that it is of intrinsic value and importance to develop and give opportunity to up and coming cast and crew to vitalise our industry’s growth and to see the productions made reach their rightful destination.

In this new millennium, in an ever growing and competitive market, New Forest Pictures’ aim is to supply worldwide demand for original ideas with charismatic stars, through high quality, soundly costed productions.

Under its umbrella we intend to develop, produce and release British films with a fresh creative approach, covering all genres, with our sights set firmly on the longer term with the vision of launching the first British ‘all digital studio’, New Forest Studios.

As a young and ambitious company, we are naturally looking to welcome partners to collaborate and fulfil mutual aspirations by way of investment, development, production and distribution.

New Forest Pictures is the trading name of Kensington Productions Limited.

Our mission is be in production as often as possible and bridge the gap between investors and the development of creative and new material.

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